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This 7-minute survey will help us design a better way to apply for affordable housing services.

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We are aiming to improve the Affordable Housing discovery and application process for Miamians. Most people when looking for housing in Miami search through a bunch of different resources. We are building a public map of affordable housing units in Miami-Dade County

In this survey, we will ask you questions about where you live and what you would do if you were looking to move.

This survey is for everyone who lives or works in Miami-Dade County. Whether you live in Affordable Housing or not.

Current Affordable Housing

This is a map of our Affordable Housing available today. The color tells you what type of housing project it is available for. For example, green is for family and dark green is for family/elderly.

Most people we find our looking for either a single studio apartment or for their family which is highlighted in the green.