We are a service designed to help people and organizations find affordable housing through digital applications and mapping services.

We are starting by helping City of Miami's Housing Department get more Affordable Housing Developers certified.



We believe government can work for the people, by the people, in the digital age. Services can be simple, accessible, and easy to use. Outcomes can be measurably better. Better can cost less. We can serve everyone with respect and dignity.

GetHousing is an open map of Affordable Housing in the US starting here in Miami. Locally in Miami, we are working with the City to track certified Affordable Housing developers. We are building a service that serves to measure and remove uncessary barriers people face when trying to get services from the City of Miami.

We work in close partnership with the City of Miami, Code for America, and community organizations in Miami. 

Put People First

"We believe that the low-income population deserves to reliably find and have quality digital services for getting housing. "

- GetHousing Team


Contributors to GetHousing


Whitney Lubin

Software Developer

Stephanie Bien-Aime

UX/UI Designer

Ezra Okuro

Data Analyst

Gregory Johnson

Technical Project Lead