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GetHousing is an open map of affordable housing opportunities and resources.

We are tracking affordable housing units helping people discover housing and developers save money through Affordable Housing certification. 

GetHousing is a free, non-profit service for people in Miami-Dade County.

Why should developers apply for an Affordable Housing Certification?

Save Money – incentivizes that help you save money.

Density Bonuses – more units can be built on a given site. 

Parking – waivers and reductions opportunities.

Fee Deferrals – impact fee and building permit fee deferrals (and more!)

Apply in three easy steps


Determine if you’re eligible and meet requirements.


We will walk you through all the documents you need to apply and reduce the chance for corrections.

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We will help you get your form and first application submitted to the City staff for review to help you get certified.

Are you a housing developer in Miami, you're probably eligible